2016 CROW Photo Contest
  • Winner! Ashley Bateman - Buffalo Lake in November
  • Winner! Ben Smith - Owl in Manannah
  • Winner! Deb McCann - Winter Snow
  • Winner! Jeff Grotte - Bald Eagle Silhouette
  • Winner! Joshua Baklund - Duck Hunt
  • Winner! Mason Chartier - Tubing
  • Winner! Shane Smeby - Drone
Our thanks to all of our photo contest participants for making this such a success! 
Honorable Mentions

  • Honorable Mention: Bernie Stang - Heron
  • Honorable Mention: Bernie Stang - Lake Koronis
  • Honorable Mention: Evan Lemmerman - Recreation
  • Honorable Mention: Jeff Grotte - Cormerant Bullhead
  • Honorable Mention: Jeff Grotte - Misty River Sunrise
  • Honorable Mention: Joshua Baklund - Black Bellied Whistling Duck
  • Honorable Mention: Kristen Solbrack - Fishing
All Entries
  • Joshua Baklund Protective Geese Parents
  • Kristen Solbrack Active Recreation
  • Kristen Solbrack Scenic
  • Kristen Solbrack Unusual.Humorous
  • Kristen Solbrack Wildlife
  • Michelle Wanke Hanover Winter
  • Mike and Marj Solbrack Deer and Doe in Kandiyohi
  • Mike and Marj Solbrack Lake Ripley Fishing
  • Nick Nielsen Canoeing
  • Nick Nielsen Kayaking Distant
  • Ashley Bateman Buffalo Lake in May
  • Ashley Bateman Snowny Hanover Area
  • Ben Smith Turtle Hunting
  • Brandon Wisner Scenic
  • Deb McCann Canoe Upclose
  • Deb McCann Canoe
  • Gene Wilder Wetland
  • Jeff Grotte Crow River Wood Ducks
  • Jeff Grotte loon and chick 5
  • Joshua Baklund Hooded Mergangers
  • Nick Nielsen Kayaking in Action
  • Nick Nielsen Kayaking Upclose
  • Nick Nielsen Wizard Tree
  • Paul Setzepfandt Sunset
  • Peg Beckstrand Forest City
  • Peg Beckstrand Long View Bridge
  • Peg Beckstrand North Fork Crow River Close
  • Peg Beckstrand North Fork Crow River Downstream
  • Peg Beckstrand North Fork Crow River
Portions of ten counties in Central Minnesota make up the Crow River Watershed. From the perspective of the Upper Mississippi River Basin, the Crow River is one of its major tributaries. The effects of rapid urban growth, new and expanding wastewater facilities and erosion from agricultural lands have been common concerns of many citizens, local, state and regional governments in Central Minnesota. As a result, many groups began meeting in 1998 to discuss management of the Crow River basin consisting of the North Fork and South Fork.

The Crow River Organization of Water (CROW) was formed in 1999 as a result of heightened interest in the Crow River. A Joint Powers Agreement has been signed between all ten of the Counties with land in the Crow River Watershed. The CROW Joint Powers Board is made up of one representative from each of the County Boards who signed the agreement. The Counties involved in the CROW Joint Powers include Carver, Hennepin, Kandiyohi, McLeod, Meeker, Pope, Renville, Sibley, Stearns and Wright.
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North Fork Crow River Watershed

South Fork Crow River Watershed

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