North Fork 1W1P
(North Fork Crow River One Watershed, One Plan)

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In 2012, legislation was passed to help natural resource managers create consistency in water planning and consolidate the 200+ plans produced by a multitude of entities down to 81 plans based on the major watershed present in Minnesota. This is an effort to increase efficiency with funds and management energy, as well, as to help focus targeting and implementing efforts to increase water quality.

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BWSR Contact
Steve Christopher
Board Conservationist
Direct: 651-296-2633

CROW Contact
Diane Sander
Watershed Coordinator
 763-682-1933 x3

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In July 2014, CROW received word from the Board of Soil and Water Resources that our North Fork Crow River One Watershed One Plan project request was picked as one of five pilot projects in the State. The CROW will be working with 2 watershed management organization, 2 watershed districts, 6 Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and 7 Counties to produce one plan that will reflect the unique characteristics and needs in the North Fork Crow watershed. This is an opportunity to use innovative planning techniques to incorporate both surface and ground water concerns.


North Fork Crow River One Watershed One Plan (1W1P) Pilot Project

(BWSR Clean Water Fund) One Water One Plan Pilot Program

Grant Timeline: July 1, 2015 June 30, 2016

Grant Dollars: $218,550   Match: No Match Required

Outline:  The CROW received special State funding from the Clean Water Legacy fund (a portion of the special sales tax for environmental  protection, trails, arts, and wildlife habitat approved by voters  in 2008) to prepare a plan for the North Fork of the Crow River. The North Fork is one of five pilot large-scale watersheds to receive this State funding to create an integrated comprehensive watershed management plan that satisfies both State and local visions for our water resources.  One Watershed One Plan (1W1P) is the label given to this new approach to water management.  The new approach to water planning must consider existing local efforts. Currently the North Fork of the Crow River has two watershed district plans, six county water plans, six soil and water conservation district water plans, one joint powers watershed plan, and several State and Federal agency plans/efforts in place. With the 1W1P, this entire area will be managed and coordinated by one comprehensive plan.  This new plan will focus on prioritizing and targeting water quality protection efforts and provide for an ongoing measurement of success. 


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