Rain Barrel Program

Rain barrels can capture and store roof runoff from small to medium size rain events. Water stored in rain barrels can be used to water flowers, landscape areas or irrigate lawns in between rain events.

Installing a rain barrel not only helps the environment, but it also reduces your water bill. When it rains and falls faster than the ground can absorb it or it lands on hard surfaces it goes directly to area storm drains. Storm drains then runoff into area lakes and rivers. As the water reaches the storm drains it can come into contact with a variety of contaminants like: oil, salt, fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria and trash left along curbsides. As a result, runoff contributes and effects local water quality.

Disconnecting your downspout can help reduce direct runoff from small rain events and divert water from storm drains and ultimately our lakes and rivers. The more people that use rain barrels, the greater impact we have on improving our water quality in local lakes and river.

Description of rain barrels

Barrel top has a strong aluminum mesh screen, creating a non-corrosive and long lasting filter. Keeps out leaves, shingle pieces, dead birds, sticks and other debris that comes off your roof --- as well as safely protecting wildlife and pets from entering or drinking from barrel. The top screen ring is removable for easy cleaning and storage.

The overflow portal on the back of the barrel easily hooks up to the supplied tubing which runs down the back of the unit in a protected furrow. The overflow apparatus draws water down and out of the bottom front of barrel, diverting excess water away from the foundation. The back of the barrel is flat, allowing space saving and accurate placement against a wall. 

Expand your rain barrel into a series

In addition to an overflow port and tube (in blue) which exits, for unlimited linear barrel arrangements. Double or triple your water storage capacity easily with linkage kit (included). When the water height reaches the lateral portal level, the overflow water will automatically flows into the next barrel, instead of into the ground, driveway or curb.


Rain Barrel Program Sponsors

Funding for the rain barrel program is provided by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 319 and CWP grant programs; Crow River Organization of Water (CROW) and Wright County Soil & Water Conservation District.


CROW River Rain Barrel Program


Call 763-682-1933 ext. 122 or email diane.sander@mn.nacdnet.net

Price: $55 in 2017

Limit 4 per household and not for resale

Size Dimensions


32" H x 24" W


54 gallons

Weight in lbs.

18 lbs when empty


made from recycled materials


rain water collection - can be connected in series with link kit

Key Features

attractive, expandable, debris screen, durable, color: Brown

 Pick-up locations

Hutchinson, Glencoe, Paynesville, and Delano in  April, 2015


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